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Psychic Mrs. Ann

Life brings us many unfamiliar situations and challenges along our path. With new situations, new opportunities arise. Sometimes, however, we require clarity and direction as we venture these new roads.

Offering psychic readings Jacksonville citizens trust for peace of mind, Mrs. Ann is a source of guidance on these new paths. Her readings will help uncover answers regarding all aspects of your life, including health, relationships, and business ventures. As a result, you’ll be prepared when these new opportunities present themselves.

Mrs. Ann primarily offers palm, tarot card, and crystal readings. She also specializes in reuniting loved ones.

Confused? Need Answers?

With Mrs. Ann’s guidance, clients receive a new perspective into their lives. During a reading, you’ll discover clarity concerning situations that are causing you mental anguish. The answers you find will offer reassurance and affirmation as you continue on your path.

Discover the answers that lie within, recognize your true potential, and experience fulfillment with Mrs. Ann’s psychic readings.

Psychic Readings Jacksonville - Palmistry


The details etched against our palms account our histories and untold stories. During a palm reading, Mrs. Ann will study your life line and discuss the revelations it holds.

Psychic Readings Jacksonville - Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Life is full of wild cards. A tarot card reading exposes details of your past, present, and future, providing deeper insight into life events.

Psychic Readings Jacksonville - Crystal

Crystal Reading

Tap into the earth’s natural energy. As you hold a crystal in the palm of your hand, the gem will remove blockages to purify your energy and offer illumination during the reading.

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Psychic Readings Jacksonville, FL

For 20 years, Mrs. Ann has offered her psychic services at 1887 Mayport Road, one mile north of Atlantic Boulevard. Her door is open to those seeking guidance. Stop in and gain enlightenment on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level today.

Mrs. Ann is also available for scheduled group readings. Call today to arrange Mrs. Ann to conduct readings for your next private gathering in the Jacksonville area.

Positive Energies

  • She's pretty accurate with me. She knew I was moving out the state and changing occupations before I did. She also helped me conceive after trying for a couple of years. I highly recommend her! Thank you Ms. Ann!

    Fatimah Kahiga
  • She was able to pinpoint the bad treatment going on in my work place along with explain some deep negativity surrounding my life. I do my own personal readings but this was a great treat. I left feeling more whole and confident in the confusion my life is currently in.

    Alexandrea Reed
  • Ann was amazing! She helped me get a clear head and was so helpful! I plan on going back very soon! 10/10 would recommend!!!

    Kaylyn Graham
  • SHE is amazing!

    Sonia Hill
  • Awesome experience! Comfortable atmosphere and was a wonderful group event!

    Mark Miller
  • Psychic Ann was very compassionate kind and very direct. I felt like I found a new friend and she did not sugarcoat anything . Thank you and I will see you again.

    Larry Cannon